I love Jesus, country music, iced coffee, HGTV, painting, embroidery, redecorating my room,  pinterest, sunsets, boating, driving with the windows down, neutral colors,  oversized sweaters, and birkenstocks with socks. I am usually described as outgoing, creative, and "the mom" of the friend group, a title that I most definitely embrace.


I like to hear people laugh freely. I like people who strike up good conversations without needing a prompt. I like being asked questions directly. I like the innocence of real personality. I like conscientious people. I probably like you.


I'm here just trying to be the kind of woman that knows her identity, is aware she walks on holy ground, and that is so unafraid to be free and joyful because its no fun to act like you have it all together. it's such a rare and incredible thing to be alive. 


because of that, i'm all about getting excited about the little things- finding a lost dollar in your pocket, the right amount of creamer in your coffee, daily sunrises and sunsets, laughing until your belly hurts, baby giggles, those mornings that feel just right, and the glow of the sunshine after it rains. follow me and we will learn how incredible it is that we get to live, freely. 



well hello there! welcome to my corner of the internet! I hope to use this space to speak my thoughts on life + love + joy.


I think the reason that I write is that I have always loved knowing that words are not here to just simply let us speak. I have always been fascinated in the way that words are able to be sewn together in such a way that they are able to inspire or sooth, empower or explain. My hope is that with the power of words and the abundance of grace poured on us by Christ, that maybe, just maybe, we can use words to change the way people think and breathe new life into our souls. ​


it's nice to        meet you 

hello hello! My name is Erika! I'm from the cutest little town about 30 minutes north of Cincinnati. This place will always be home to me, even though I don't live there often anymore. I'm a senior at Bowling Green State University, majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. 

a little bit about me