Assignment for MKT 4350

(a) Jordan Lee Dooley: I read Jordan Lee Dooley's blog regularly, and have been since high school. She has recently come out with a book and many online resources, so it has been incredible watching her grow. Some strengths of her website are that it is very easy to navigate, inviting, she has a very niche audience and serves it well. I think that she does everything very well and definitely has figured out her kinks as far as her website and blog goes over the years.

The Heart University: I read the heart university and listen to their podcast regularly. The Heart University is a tag team of two ladies who are business educators and are passionate about young creatives. They do a great job serving their audiences. Their brand is very recognizable across the board and they do a fantastic job providing clear directions for navigating their website, though I do sort of wish it was organized a little differently. right now, their recent posts are at the top, and their categories arent until way down the page, which I think would be beneficial to be higher up.

(b) I think the biggest examples of the best practices on these blogs is the "Archive the Content" and "Keep Content Focused." Both blogs have a very specific target audience and are experts at capturing and retaining their audience's attention. The blogs recommend older posts or relevant posts to the content that the reader is currently viewing. This is an example of the archived content, but it is also an example of keeping the content focused.

I think for The Heart University, they could make the content more accessible to be searched or divided earlier on. Their titles are very straight forward so I do not think they need to improve in that regard, but maybe making them engagement oriented.

(c) This post is actually scheduled on my website! I use this website to host my online store for my business, my blog, and my presets that I sell. I built this website completely from scratch and am very proud of it. I love wix as a host site because it is very user friendly and allows me to upload my own vector art and design elements.

Take a peek around my website + order a sweatshirt or something :) shameless plug ha!

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