Faith from rainbows

The week leading up to spring break, I was planning to surprise my mom on my way home from Bowling Green. I was going to leave on Thursday, right after my meeting that finished up around 9:30, and surprise her at her classroom. She didn’t think I would be getting home until at least Friday, so this would be a nice little surprise.

As it goes though, life happened. An interview I had intended to have earlier in the week was rescheduled for Thursday at noon, mom had conferences, and packing didn’t make the top of the list, so I ended up not being able to leave in time to surprise her. On top of that, there was a huge storm predicted to be coming that afternoon I was supposed to drive home. 

If you know me at all, you know that storms are 100% my biggest fear. Not too sure why, to be honest. maybe all the storm chasers I used to watch, or maybe that it was out of my control, and there was little to nothing I could do to contribute to my safety. 

Well the time for me to leave starts getting closer, I finish up my interview (fingers crossed, y’all), pack up my stuff, and go to get my car from the lot in the pouring down rain. As I got out of my car into the turn around outside my dorm and started walking towards the door, I looked back to double check that I turned my hazards on, and when I did, I noticed that there was something under my car.

this is my leg after trying to fix my car lol

Long story short, a bungee cord, and some laying on the wet pavement later, I was on my way home, and just in the knick of time. The sky rumbled and the wind howled, but erika marie was on headed southbound on I-75, and that was what mattered.

After only a few minutes on the highway, I saw a rainbow off to the left of my car. The sun shone bright to the west and the rain poured, but to the east there was the rainbow. I’m not kidding, the entire way home the sky looked like this. Sun on the right, sky on the left, parted by the asphalt runway down the state of Ohio.

This was not the last though. On my way home, in the 160 some miles that separate Bowling Green from Lebanon, I saw 23 different rainbows, and that’s just after I started counting. It was amazing. The whole way home, I had both hands on the wheel and Jesus music or a podcast over the speakers, trying not to think about the storm chasing me home to the east or the jumper cable that was holding the front of my car together, or the fact that this day just hadn’t gone as planned.

I couldn’t help but start to feel overwhelmed at times that the rain started to fall down so hard that I couldn’t see.

When I was learning how to drive, my dad told me that if I was ever driving in snow or rain and I couldn’t see what was ahead of me, to slow down and follow the white line to the right. I wouldn’t go off the road if I just kept my tires moving the same way that white line went down the side of the road.

This storm for me was no different. Each time, I would let myself turn my hazards on, slow down, and follow that white line. And each time the storm let up, my sunshine would be right there to the right side, revealing a rainbow not long after on my left.

To finish off my car ride home, He treated me to one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen. He knew. He made the storm clouds pink and He made the darkness beautiful.

I needed this. I have felt heavy recently. Feeling like there is a darkness creeping its way into my headspace, trying to invade my joy, trying to rob me of the pleasures of this life.

If there was ever a doubt in my mind that God didn’t know what he was doing, rainbows prove it wrong. Taking rain– a dark, dreary condition, and adding sunshine– the greatest of lights, to create quite possibly the most awe-striking phenomenon: the rainbow.

He tells us that we must see the good in the bad, the light in the dark, the sunshine on the other side of the highway from the storm. He shares with us little joys when we need them. He allows us to loosen our grip on the wheel during hard times, and gives us the white line to follow, faith. Faith based on light. Faith based on truth and joy. Faith based on rainbows.

He gives us what we need, when we need it. Find the rainbows.

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