Focusing on today

I’ve had my head in the stars lately. My life has been a constant ‘what’s next?’ for quite some time, as I’m sure it is with so many people in college, in high school, and beyond.

In all times of our lives there are so many pressures pushing us to think about what comes next, what’s past where we are right now, will what we’re doing now, make me better in the future? Am I doing the right thing? All things swirling through our heads as young adults, no matter what part of your life you’re at.

I’m in a leadership academy on campus at bg. We’re a big, talkative group of highly competitive, goal-driven, wonderful, passionate + talented people ready to take the world by storm, truly. I’m blessed to know all of them. It’s been an opportunity incomparable to anything I could’ve asked for in college, and beyond anything I could’ve imagined. We are supported and pushed to give back to the Bowling Green campus and pursuing our passions in a way that sets us on a path to impact whomever we encounter.

Realistically though, that means lots of people accomplishing lots of truly amazing things all around me, chasing their dreams, and making them a reality. This is an inspiration that not everyone has the opportunity to experience, so for it I am thankful. But for someone who struggles to beat themselves up over what comes next, this can also be hard.

Beyond this added pressure to do the big things, when you stick all of us in a room, it gets noisy. All the dreams, aspirations, catching up, filling in and encouraging coming out of our mouths can turn up the volume, and quick.

During our first summer in the program, we were taught a simple phrase, that meant we needed to refocus on what was in front of us or the task at hand. It’s just like when a teacher would clap in a pattern to gain the attention of her students. For us, someone will yell, “eyes on tomorrow, feet on today” and then it’s quiet.

Eyes on tomorrow. Feet on today. Simple words that draw us back to our focus each time. I never really took the time to think about how perfect those words are for what they do. It’s our motto as servant leaders and exemplifies much of what the program trains us to be, to lead from behind, to be present, but to keep our eyes set on what tomorrow will bring, to keep our eyes locked on the change we are trying to make, the goal we are trying to reach.

I’ve been working on what’s around me recently, because thinking about tomorrow all day, every day and worrying about things that are to come have been weighing me down, preventing me from keeping my feet in today, preventing me from being present and

appreciating the process and what each day brings, knowing that he will carry me through each day.

Proverbs 19:21 says this. “Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the decision of the LORD that endures…”

Who am I to think that I will know what is best for me in each day and why would I attempt to make known my plans? Trust that in each day, by dreaming small, so as to focus on the people we encounter, our brothers and sisters, that in forming these relationships, by focusing on the todays of the world, with our eyes locked on what is to come, reaching high, trusting that we will succeed in whatever plan he has for us for tomorrow, that we will be present in today.

So again, I will say, when you need focus or to gather your attention, eyes on tomorrow. Feet on today.

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