He is there in the silence

photo by bethany beck via unsplash

have you ever been over music? like tired of noise? have you ever been driving and just been like, actually maybe some quiet would be nice? have you ever been in a building by yourself after close, or sat in a room with no one else, listening to the quiet?

if you think about it’s never really that quiet. sometimes, to make it seem more quiet we shut our eyes, to focus maybe. to block off other senses to focus on the quiet, to try to hear the silence or to focus on the noise we want to hear. 

today, the Notre Dame Cathedral caught on fire. it burned for hours and hours, towers collapsing, sending massive clouds of smoke into the air.

think about the sounds. picture a bonfire in your backyard, but then picture a building. think about the crackling of the fire. scary?  you’d probably want to close your eyes. maybe not to focus on the sound but instead to stop thinking about it this time, to wish it out of existence. 

fast forward a few hours. the devastation has reached the corners of the world, and now individuals are mourning together. 

the dust has began to settle, the fire has been put out. 

can you imagine the silence you would hear, the silence you would feel, as you let the doors shut behind you into this building? it gives me goosebumps thinking about how that must feel, to be in that space. 

the space where the walls still stand tall, the ceiling open in places, but burnt, no doubt. the beauty and grandeur that honored Him, in rubble on the ground. 

eyes forward, you see the altar standing untouched. the cross behind it, still sparkling. the candles surrounding it, unharmed. 

He is there. He is with us. He remains. 

In the silence, He speaks. In the darkness, He is the light. In the moments of despair, He will stay by our sides. He does not abandon. He doesn’t fall short. 

slowly, quietly, the rise of voices in song echoes through the church, as a nation rooted in love mourn a material place, but above all, we kneel together. 

The spire fell. but the statues had been removed because of construction. all but one of the stained glass windows remained intact. The walls were stone. He is the light in the darkness. 

Today was a wake up call for me. I needed to remember that this life isn’t about me. it isn’t about the history. it isn’t about our legacy. things can be rebuilt. stories can be retold, but our time cannot be rewound. 

Today, people gathered. people sang, they forgot agendas. they reminisced on memories. it was out of our control. We worked to put out the fire but there is only so much you can do.

He is in control. He is in the darkness, the confusion, the uncertainty. He calls us to gather, to sing, to pray. He gathers us to love each other. He calls us to listen for Him in the silence. He is there. He will show Himself. 

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