I'm not going home this summer...

me and the 'rents on my front porch!!

dad and i like to sing country music in the summertime, windows down on the hilly country roads, on our way home from the driving range. he’ll play the drums on the steering wheel and dash and i’ll wiggle my toes to the beat of the music out the window. 

i’ve grown up on kenny, dierks, brad paisley— you name it. old dominion has joined that list in the last five or so years. they’ve become a big hit on the boat when we’re floating or cruising. we like the words and the tune. it makes the memories a little bit brighter. el and em and i think it’s pretty groovy. 

i’m going to share some of the words we like best, ones i think that i’ll probably be listening to on repeat when i start to miss those bonfires in the backyard and UDF runs. 

“cry when it hurts

laugh when it’s funny

chase after the dreams 

don’t chase after the money”

words to live by, those country music lyrics, i swear. 

at this point in my life, i’m experiencing a lifestyle i never have. i’ve never had this calm of a summer, and while i’m working 5 different jobs, i still feel more at peace than ever before. might be the sunshine, might be the squeaky hardwood floors in my new room that remind me of nana’s house, might be that grounds for thought is in my backyard. probably though, it’s the way that i’m learning to look at the world, the way i’m loving the person in front of me, learning to take a step back and enjoy each day.

it’s a weird summer for me. i’m working at a coffee shop, on campus for my major, freelancing for a catholic magazine, managing a community of student writers, and running eyes closed into a side hustle. none of these things point towards the dollar signs, like my summers in the past have, or that life tells me I should be doing right now. but you know what? i’m chasing my dreams. so this isn’t a 40 hour a week internship? so what?  

i think mom and dad are going to miss me a lot this summer, actually maybe not honestly (i kid). i know for hecking sure i’m going to miss them. but i just need to learn to play my own dashboard drum set and cruise down bg’s flat country roads, with country music in my ears, and maybe i’ll be okay this summer, learning to laugh and cry and when necessary, never forgetting to stop chasing my dreams. 

thanks for it all mom & dad. i could never speak high enough of you both and all you’ve done for me. you guys are my biggest cheerleaders, but i’m your biggest fan. see you soon. 

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