what does it mean to be the gospel?

This year, I had the opportunity to serve as an opening weekend group leader, more commonly known on these grounds at bgsu as an OWGL. In this role, we serve as the “first friend” and guide to a group of first years during the opening weekend before their first week of classes start. 

it’s honestly a hit or a miss being an owgl. Sometimes your group is beyond stoked to be in college and they don’t give two craps about what this person who has spent a week training for this has to say because heck, college, no parents, let’s do this. sometimes they don’t show up and you go to the first year sessions alone. 

Other times, you luck out. your floor of first years are ready to take the world by storm and they want to know everything and anything you have to say because they want to learn from someone who has done it. that’s the best. 

my group was a little bit of both. i had some students who literally could not care an ounce less, others who came at first but dwindled off when they learned it wasn’t mandatory, and some students who actually started to like hanging out with me so they started coming with me to the events. y’all the realest. 

anyways, after opening weekend happens, i begin to lose touch with them, but still make an effort to say hi when i see them, and the same is returned to me. 

i ran into one of my first years in the dining hall last week. i hadn’t seen her much at all since the beginning of the year, except for on social media. when she saw me she came up and said hello, and we caught up on life and all things school and friends. 

she told me she had been struggling, that she actually wasn’t coming back to BG next year, but that she’d be staying home and focusing on her family and studying at a community college. most importantly though, and what she seemed the most excited about was that she had rededicated her life to Christ. She had been following plans to read the word.

she thanked me, for being an owgl, and making the time to be with them, not realizing then, but understanding now, how big of an impact it actually did have. 

i’ve always heard the saying, "be the gospel." think about it though. 

what if, and hear me out, what if you are the only exposure to jesus someone ever has. what if no one ever speaks christ into them again? the importance of speaking love into each and every person we encounter is what it will take to change the world. 

Think of the times that you didn’t show up for the session Jesus was calling you to. That you were too cool for Him, or chose worldly things over what you are here to do. 

how many times do we forget that He has gone before us and that He has the answers for what we are about to encounter? 

It’s after we realize how genuinely cool this life with Christ by our side is, that we continue to show up. 

So today, do that. show up. be unafraid to fail, unafraid to ask questions, unafraid to learn from Him. 

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