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If there is one thing that I consider to be an extra special skill of mine, it would be creating wishlists while online shopping, adding a bunch to my cart, seeing the total, and then totally backing out. When I finally work up the nerve and the funds ot go get it, its usually out of stock. #StoryOfMyLife

Oh well... Wishlisting is a good passtime until I have a house to furnish instead of just my bedroom, or a closet that has a real rod to hang clothes, not just a wooden pole I bought at Home Depot.

I plan to do more of these, like a series. So if you liked this one, let me know! Now–– Shall we begin? I'm going to break them off into categories. This one will be clothes + accessories, home decor, bedding, and miscellaneous.






You probably noticed by now that I have a thing for neutrals, rattan and button down shirts. Some of the things on this list are a little far fetched on the price wise, but its always fun to look at them for inspiration. Sometimes I pull this up when I'm about to go thrift shopping for inspiration before I'm walking down aisles ready to give something a new home.

You'll also notice that some things are sold out– Urban is very inconsistent in that capacity. Things come and go from stock so frequently, that you just have to keep checking back if you have your eye on something.

I've purchased a few things from Urban and have loved everything. I've also found that some of it is totally overpriced. I bought my bed from Wayfair, and it looks exactly like a bed on Urban that is listed from 3x the price. I paid under $200 after shipping for the 'Iseline Platform bed' that looks strikingly similar to the Urban Boho Platform Bed. (included a pic of me putting my bed together for reference and your personal giggles at the end).

All of this being said, I love Urban. I love all the URBN branches– UO, free people, anthro, etc.

Someday maybe my room with exposed brick and a window that faces west will give me all the things I've ever dreamed of, but for now, happing wishlisting, friends.

I hope you enjoyed this! See you next week with IKEA!

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