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Hey Y'all! Welcome back to week two of paroosing through my wishlists. I have to be upfront with you all on this one, I was scrolling through to select all my screenshots and.. uh.. well theyre all neutrals. I really apologize but its just what I'm drawn to hahaha. This is my and my cart the last two times we have gone to IKEA:

I have a problem with cream and rattan okay, i know.

Anyways, I'm pumped to do this WOMW. I love walking through IKEA, I wish i had one closer to me at school. I'm going to break them up into secctions for the most part, but some items I will post separate so that I can tell you a little about them!

Let's get started!


First off, I'll do furniture! Some of these are a little pricy, but I always like to add things that inspire me and the spaces I want to create.


The kitchens are always one of my favorite rooms to walk through and dream in. Here is my list of some items that I hope one day my kitchen will consist of.


These are just some odds end ends items that will hopefully line my floors and fill my shelves.

I wrote this little bit about homes, and i figured I would add it to the end of this, so that maybe you can fit your head where mine was when I was adding these things to my wishlist.

"i have a thing for rooms. i like them to be white, with creaky hardwood floors and big windows with windowsills big enough for books and plants and sitting to people watch.

i enjoy string lights and old things and adding greenery to every room. i like big dressers with flowers on them and candles that flicker of smells that take you back to summer and childhood and the best nights under the stars.

i like jumping onto big beds that are piled in pillows with nightstands next to them open to last nights bible readings. I enjoy desks that help poetry and paint and string and your creativity find their home.

i like spaces that help you feel like you."

see ya next week!

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