when god calls us from where we want to be

Some of my best ideas for my writing come when driving, just like this one did- when I’m tied to something else, when I can’t use my hands to write it down. It seems that this is life in a nutshell. And sometimes this isn’t easy to accept.

Why would God give me words or feed me a metaphor in the middle of me driving down the highway, when I am doing something else, something that requires all of my attention? Most of the time I keep thinking about what came to mind, start formulating what I might say, when I come to putting my pen to paper. I find myself trying not to think about much else, or I will forget the seed planted in my head. Many times, I get a pretty good start on what He wants me to say, other times, if I turn the music up too loud, or I find myself not devoted to that thought, it will slip my mind, which happens rather often, and is sort of disappointing— that could’ve been what someone needed to hear, you know?

God works like this when he calls us. He calls us to go be who he made us to be in the middle of us doing our own thing. Or maybe, he calls us again. Maybe you followed his voice in one direction for a long time, and began to get comfortable, so he switched it up on you. You might feel like you have both hands on the steering wheel and no way to write it down; you are all in on a project, a job, a person, a lifestyle, and God calls you from it.

This calling might be one word, it could be “go” or “come,” it could be running into someone you haven’t talked to in years, it could be clear as day. Sometimes we don’t hear Jesus’ still small voice amongst the noise in our lives, if we are too focused on our own agenda and don’t give His requests the time of day. The same goes for when our radio is up too loud, and we can’t fully respond to his request.

God doesn’t give up on us though, he slips his word in a few times, He is persistent. He doesn’t do things unintentionally, so when he calls you somewhere, He needs you there. It might seem like you don't need to be there, but maybe He called you there because someone else needs you there. Maybe he plants these words in my head because someone else needs to hear them.

If this is you, my sweet sister or brother in christ, be at peace knowing he has the most wonderful plan for you. He wouldn't call you away from where you are if it weren't for the right reasons. Breathe in trust, breathe out doubt. Peace.

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