word strings is a side hustle, at it's best. its a hobby of mine, and a way to help me justify my extensive coffee shop addiction. It all started when I found a plain sweatshirt at goodwill and decided to remind myself of the importance of focusing on making heaven a little more crowded, rather than growing my circle. I stitched "dance with Jesus not the world" on my navy blue goodwill sweatshirt, set up my self-timer, I took some aggressively posed photos in my dorm room and posted them on Instagram. next thing i knew, i had an excel sheet full of upwards of fifty names and a trunk full of thrifted sweatshirts.


since this day, I have been so blessed to continue to grow. as the demand increased, I have switched to wholesale sweatshirts and comfort colors t-shirts. I continue to learn the stories of my new friends' favorite words and pray about their lives as I stitch the words that mean the most into something they can cherish forever.


So join me on my journey to stitch together word strings that inspire, that motivate, and that lead us to the almighty.


20 Character Maximum on Apparel

5 Character Maximum on Hats and Beanies 

Font options: cursive, lowercase, or capital! you may have more than one.



If you have a vision based off of a photo on Pinterest, etc, feel free to DM me @worstringsco before placing an order to see if we can make it a reality!

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